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Hilke Collection Care Guide.



Our products are made in finest quality. To keep the products beautiful for a lifetime and more they need some love and caring.

With the right care your products from Hilke Collection will last a lifetime and more. Follow our care guides for each material bellow.


Brass & nickel plated brass

Brass is very durable. It has the capacity to last for hundreds of years in a good state

Care guide:

Use small amount of polish with a soft, dry cloth, do not use with water. Use a rapid motion when buffing the polish into the brass.

Brass will look brighter and require less polishing if rubbed with a cloth moistened with olive oil after each polishing. The oil naturally retards tarnish.

Mansion Candles

Take good care of your mansion candles to keep them beautiful and your home safe.

Care guide:

Trim the wick to a length of appr. 7 mm each time before lighting the candle. Light the candle directly on the trimmed candlewick, avoiding heating the candle itself. Keep the candle in a cool and non-drafty place when they are not used and keep any lit candle out of direct sunlight heat and wind. We recommend the use of a candle extinguisher. Blowing directly on the candle can cause hot wax to stain or to run on the sides. Lastly, make sure to never leave a room where candles are lit.


Take care of your jewellery to keep them shiny and beautiful.

Care guide:

Put your jewellery in appropriate bath (for silver or gold) and wash them properly afterwards and dry with a clean cloth.




Take care of your marble products to keep them beautiful and clean.

Care guide marble:

* Be careful with all acids (such as lemon, berrys etc.) and never put it directly on the tray.

* Wine, vinegar and soda can cause stains, if you spill on the marble immediatly dry away with wet cloth.



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